A Stem Cell Injection Giveaway

To enter this giveaway,
• you must be 35 years old or older
• must live in Arizona
• must be willing to travel to AZ Medical Resources for the treatment two times (one time for a consultation before the treatment and another for the treatment)

You can get additional entries the following ways
1. Share this link to a friend. (Your friend must reference your name in the referral field of their form)
2. Schedule and complete a free consultation appointment by Contacting Us at this link: https://www.azmedllc.com/contact
3. Refer a friend for a free consultation appointment, they must schedule and attend the appointment and mention your name.
4. Share this giveaway on your Instagram feed or story and tag @AZMedicalResources

• The prize is non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash value, must follow AZ Medical Resources on social media platforms
• Purchase does not enhance chance of winning and there is no purchase necessary to win this giveaway
• Void where prohibited
• Giveaway is from September 21 2018 -  October 21 2018.
• Giveaway winner will be randomly selected from all entries on October 21. The winner will then be contacted through by phone from AZ Medical Resources. The Winner will have 48 hours to respond before forfeiting their prize and a runner up winner chosen.
• Winner will receive one consultation appointment for Stem Cell Therapy and one treatment of Stem Cell Therapy.
• Further information about treatment will be disclosed during the consultation appointment with AZ Medical Resources.

Entry Form

Have you ever had any form of Stem Cell Treatment before?
What areas of concern, pain, or conditions would you like addressed with Stem Cell Treatments?
If someone you know shared this giveaway with you please tell us who they are so they can get another entry in this giveaway.
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